Cycling good for health, environment

Cycling good for health, environment

Personal trainer Alison Storey’s weekly column, answers your questions on fitness and wellbeing.

Cycling to work can help you shed pounds, build muscle and it’s also good for the environment.

Q: I have been following some workout DVDs, is this a good way to train or should I be doing something else? A: Whilst following a workout DVD is obviously better than just loafing about watching a movie DVD, you need to be mindful of a couple of things. One would assume that the workout has been scrutinised for overall safety, however it should also prescribe progressive and regressive versions of the exercises to suit differing levels of health, fitness and injury profiling. Secondly, and disturbingly, a 2016 Oregon State University study found a link between exercise DVDs and unrealistic body expectations to the point they concluded using workout DVDs can cause psychological harm! The most popular DVDs being the biggest culprits. Assuming you have Do you have a question for Alison? You can contact her via her website,

or email her on: average 5kg less than their car driving mates, walkers dropped 0.98 in BMI, and bus riders 0.7. And by the way, where there is a safe, fundraised for by volunteers, promoted by athletes, cycle way. Please respect the efforts of those people that had the safety of their active community in mind and use it and not the road.

-Waikato’s Alison Storey is a personal trainer who has represented NZ in beach volleyball, rowing and rhythmic gymnastics. She has been awarded New Zealand Personal Trainer of the Year twice and runs Storey Sport, a mobile personal and sports training business which provides a range of services that optimise the fitness and wellbeing of its clients.

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